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Welcome to my website the bikegearup.com.

I’m Loremuel Gadrinab a Web Developer in profession, and I am a motorcycle lover. I love to ride with my bike because I feel like I am free and it’s feels good. I love to travel on a trip especially in motorcycle rides from places to places – riding in the road and feels the sound of the wind and feel the nature.

I started to create bikegearup.com because I want to share my knowledge/learning/research about motorcycle helmets which may help you to choose which is the best of your choice. There are lots of helmets in the market today they were categorized by its unique designs, brand, units and features – and it gives us a hard time to choose which is the best and suited for us that will fill our desires and needs.

In this site, I will provide you all the information and data that will help you to choose which is the best motorcycle helmet of your choice that will be suited for you. The most important here is the safety in our ride to avoid any major injury during accident. In motorcycling, we can’t avoid accidents from happening so I have listed all the motorcycle helmets that are certified and approved for safety.

Some helmets were costly but always remember of what you have paid for is what also you will get.

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