Bell Rogue Helmet Review

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It is a totally bad ass looking motorcycle helmet because it has the looks like a “Storm Trooper” in Star Wars and sometime it does look like Dart Vader, well id does has a look of Nazi’s German Helmet. Half helmet is very popular with bikers it suited with their big bike motorcycle. Now, here is the Rouge Helmet from Bell helmet industry. The helmet has lightweight composite shell that provides protection of the upper part of the head. In addition, the Rouge Helmet’s interior shell provides great comfort and fit, with this it can manage in dealing high speed riding.

ModelRogue Helmet
TypeHalf Helmet
Product Dimensions14 x 11 x 10.9 inches
SafetyDOT Certified
Weight5 pounds
SizesXS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
ColorBlack, Matte Black, Green, Matte Green, Gun Metal

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Pros: The Bell Rouge Helmet has a mask or muzzle that covers the rider’s nose and mouth, it is a protection from dusts and vehicle smokes. The helmet also convenient that the rider can wear eyeglasses and also it is best suited in goggles. This helmet is lightweight but stronger that provides great comfort.

Cons: The Rouge helmet has a low percentage of safety because it is a Half Helmet type of helmet, there is no protection from the chin and for the whole face, but it has muzzle that may protect the rider’s nose and mouth from injuries.

Performance and Features

The Bell Rouge Helmet interface design provides the riders with awesome badass looking in wearing it. This is a Half Helmet Type that has low percentage of protection compare to other helmet type but it is also approved and certified by DOT. The helmet provides great protection in the upper and top part of the riders head from accidental injury. In addition, the helmet has a adjustable mask or muzzle, this mask provides the rider as a protection from road dusts, wind and vehicle smokes. Also, the helmet is available in dark solid multiple colors.

Below are the known features of the Rouge Helmet:

  • The helmet shell design is lightweight composite shell which provides protection from upper part of the rider’s head.
  • The helmet has durable and innovative muzzle or mask for optimal rider comfort. the muzzle or mask provides nose and mouth protection from road dusts, and vehicle smokes that lies ahead during the long way ride. Also it is adjustable that gives comfortable fit.
  • The muzzle or mask of the helmet has a FidLock magnetic connection which makes it easy to put ontake off.
  • The 3 shell and EPS sizes for maximum comfort and size range that provides adjustable comfort and fit.
  • The interior is washable and removable by design.
  • A convenient speaker pockets to allow headphones or headset perfectly placed inside the helmet.
  • Also, the D-rings and metal badges are built with premium stainless steel.


This video shows the performance of the helmet:

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For Half Helmet Types for big bikers, the Bell Rouge Helmet is a great choice. Well, the helmet designs will makes the rider with a look of totally bad boy looking image, or a fearsome image, this helmet is one of the best motorcycle helmet in this generation. The good thing on this helmet it has a muzzle or mask that covers the nose and mouth of the riders, this will give protection from road dust and smokes. Also, it can used to wear goggles to protect the eye vision of the rider. This helmet is totally cool, during a parade or group touring or adventures, it has a speaker pockets where to placed headphones to communicate with other fellow riders during the long way ride.

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