Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Reviews

August 19, 2016
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bluetooth-headset-featThere is no question that being able to use a proper motorcycle headset is going to be extremely important because it will make it easy for you to do all kinds of things and perform actions without having to be wasting time and performing dangerous moves that will force you to stop controlling your motorcycle properly. In this article, we are going to be talking about the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset options and what kind of things you should look for when you want this to be a long lasting purchase.

What is a motorcycle Bluetooth headset?

This is basically advice that lets you control music, data and phone functionality with a hands-free approach that is going to help you get the very best results with a minimal amount of effort. No more answering the phone or browsing through a list of things on your mobile devices with your hands while you drive. This is not only dangerous, but it has also caused a large number of accidents all over the world.

Being able to get the best possible results is essential and the important thing is to know how to choose the right kind of headset in order to meet your needs and fit your budget.

What kind of uses does the motorcycle Bluetooth headset have?

There are many great uses for the headset. You can use it for GPS voice guidance. You can answer your phone, you can configure hands-free commands that will allow you to activate certain features on your phone or mobile device and you can connect to other people, the best and most useful aspect of the headset is the fact that it helps prevent all kinds of accidents that people have when they are riding their motorcycles because they are not paying full attention to the road.

What are the advantages and the disadvantages of these headsets?

The only disadvantage that we can think off when you buy a quality headset is that you are going to have to learn how to use the device and features, but this is a very small learning curve and we do not consider it to be a disadvantage. The advantages are many, with the simple fact that you are going to be protecting your own life and also the lives of other people on the road. This is a very compelling reason and also the fact that you will be able to operate all kinds of devices with a hands-free process.

Most Popular Motorcycle Bluetooth headset

Sena 20S-01sena20s1
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Crystal-clear HD audio with Sena's Advanced Noise Control
  • li>Audio Multitasking technologyli>Motion sensor technology
  • Intuitive control with hands-free voice commands
  • 1 Lithium ion batteries
Veetop 1x 800mVeetop
  • Water Resistant
  • Bluetooth intercom: 800m intercom distance to communicate with 2 or 3 partners freely
  • Warkie Talkie Connection
  • 2.5mm Audio Socket for cell phone, tablet PC, GPS
  • Hands free & FM radio
Sena SMH5-02 Sena SMH5-02
  • Two-way intercom
  • Jog Dial and large button make for an intuitive user interface
  • Bluetooth 3.0 technology lets you make hands-free calls and participate in a one-to-one intercom conversation
  • Headset and included wired microphone feature Advanced Noise Control technology
  • Eight hours of battery life and Universal Intercom protocol
  • 1 Lithium ion batteries
Sena Bluetooth Headset Sena Bluetooth Headset
  • Universal Intercom
  • Bluetooth Specification 3.0
  • Bluetooth Intercom up to 400 meters
  • Multi-Pair Bluetooth intercom
  • Voice prompts
  • Lithium Metal batteries
Sena SMH10D-10 Sena SMH10D-10
  • Long-range music sharing and intercomup to 900 meters
  • Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity
  • Advanced Noise Control technology
  • Universal Intercom protocol for cross-brand compatibility
  • Up to 12 hours of communication time
Buyee 1000m Bt Interphone Buyee 1000m Bt Interphone
  • Calling Features: Hands-free access to mobile phones such as voice dialing, auto receive, auto reject /hang-up calls, and last number redial
  • Intercom: allows users to communicate with 1 or 2 headset devices from up to 3,300 feet apart
  • Bluetooth-enabled GPS systems
  • MP3 player with built-in music controls for play/pause, and next/previous track/song
  • Superior Sound & Voice Quality With DSP noise reduction and high-speed processing
  • Heavy-Duty / Water Resistant
Buyee 2 X Bt 1000m Buyee 2 X Bt 1000m
  • Compatible in any helmets with mounting kit
  • Detachable microphone and headset
  • Long range-1000 meters intercom and real two-way wireless communication between 6 riders
  • Wireless hands free communication with Audio navigation from GPS
  • Full 550mAh battery cell
  • Up to 7hours talking time
  • Full weather protected
Sena 10C-01 Sena 10C-01
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with Unibody Design for Headset and Camera
  • Water resistant, firmware upgradeable, and intuitive with voice prompts
  • Built-in camera technology with1080p:30fps video modes and single, burst and time lapse versatile photo modes
  • One touch Operation for Recording and Video Tagging
  • Four-way intercom communication up to 1.6 kilometers with Universal Intercom
  • Two-way intercom to keep you connected to your riding companions
  • Noise suppression technology
  • 550mAh Battery Capacity that can have 8 hours talk time and 150 hours standby time
  • Bluetooth 3.0 up to 500 meters (1640ft) Intercom
  • Up to 6 riders' communication but only 2 riders intercom at the same time
Sena Low Profile sena-lp
  • Bluetooth 3.0 intercom up to 900 meters
  • Profiles Headset profile and Hands-free Control
  • Advanced Audio Distribution A2DP with Audio Video Remote Control AVRCP
  • Ultra slim form factor with aerodynamic design
  • Four-way conference intercom with10 hours talk time
  • Built-in SBC Codec offers noise cancellation, wind noise reduction, and wide volume control
  • Multipoint for mobile phone GPS

Our Top Six Best Motorcycle Headset Reviews

1. The Sena 20S-01

31pejv-s7tLCommunicating on a motorcycle can be difficult but with this Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System from Sena it’s now simple and easy. The Sena 20S-01 comes equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 that allows you to not only communicate with other Sena  systems, but also any other Bluetooth that others in your group may have thanks to the use of the Universal Intercom Protocol. The 20S-01 offers high definition quality audio that gives you clear, precise sound, which includes Sena’s Advanced Noise Control, which keeps outside noises from affecting your conversation and/or communication. Not to mention Sena’s Audio Multitasking technology that allows you to continue your conversation while simultaneously being able to listen to music via FM radio or even GPS if you need it. Use your 20S completely hands-free via voice commands, and easily link it to your Sena smartphone App as well. The Sena 20S-01 is a quality, affordable option for hands-free motorcycle communication.

2. The Veetop 1x 800m

51bgSPAcjuL._SL1001_Enjoying your motorbike or motorcycle is wonderful alone; but it’s even better when you can ride with friends and/or family. If you can communicate with the people you’re riding with it allows you to really enjoy the experience together; and Veetop offers the perfect solution with its Bluetooth Helmet Headset and walkie-talkie feature. The 800m intercom distance allows two people to seamlessly communicate while riding close by, or simply connect to your walkie-talkie with the necessary cable and you can communicate with 4, or even more, other riders. This Veetop Motorcycle Helmet Intercom system is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about rain or weather issues, and a 2.5mm audio socket that allows you to connect this headset to your cell phone, tablet or more. Not only is it simple to connect, but it’s also hands-free and easily plays music via Bluetooth, so this versatile Veetop Motorcycle intercom is a great option for the avid group rider.

3. The Sena SMH5-02

71ZDq3uZgoL._SL1500_As a motorcycle rider, it’s important to be as protected as possible, and a full-face helmet is a great way to go. If you’ve gone with a full-face helmet, and have decided that you’d like some way to communicate with others in your riding party, the Sena SMH5-02 offers a high-quality, reasonable-cost solution. This two-way intercom keeps you easily connected with anyone else you’re riding with. The large buttons on the SMH5-02 make it easy to use while riding so that you can have clear, quality one-to-one conversations with your riding partner up to 400 meters away. With eight full hours of battery life you can talk for your entire trip if you want, and because it uses the Universal Intercom Protocol, your partner doesn’t even need to have the same Bluetooth; as long as it’s Bluetooth 3.0 capable, you’re good to go. The Sena SMH5-02 is a great choice for any motorcycle rider.

4. The Sena SMH5-UNIV

81oVdXQuQ3L._SL1500_Whether you ride a motorcycle across the country or a scooter across town, you may want or need to communicate with other riders that are traveling with you. Sena offers a multitude of Bluetooth devices, including this incredibly high quality, low-cost, Bluetooth Headset and Intercom. Sena Bluetooth headsets use Universal Intercom which allows you to not just connect with other Sena headsets, but also with Bluetooth headsets from a multitude of different companies. This Sena headset is outfitted with Bluetooth 3.0, and a 400 meter range, so you can connect clearly, even if you get a bit of distance between you and your riding buddy. If you’ve been looking for an easy to use, quality Bluetooth headset to use while you’re riding your motorcycle, this Sena is a great option to use.

5. Buyee 1000m Bt Interphone

61lw-AQRFTL._SL1001_Just because you’re riding your motorcycle, it doesn’t mean you want to be out of contact with your smart phone and the world within in; hands-free calling is the way of the future and how you call anyone you may need to while travelling down the road. To be truly hands-free, a headset is necessary, and if you want a quality headset to be worn inside of a motorcycle helmet, this headset from Buyee is a great option. This headset supports hands-free calling, intercom feature to be able to speak with others using similar headsets, connects to GPS, allows you to listen to music from your cell phone and more. Plus it all comes with great sound quality so that no matter whether you’re chatting with your riding buddy or listening to your GPS to get to your destination, you can hear everything clearly and easily.

6. The Excelvan BT

414ncjfrkvLExcelvan’s BT Motorcycle, Motorbike and Skiing helmet Bluetooth headset and wireless intercom is a quality, but affordable, option for being able to communicate with other people in your riding party, when, and if, you want to. This headset offers wireless capabilities that include receiving music via radio, GPS and streaming music via your cell phone as well. The Bluetooth range for this headset is substantial at 10 ft. or less between your cell and the headset, and it gets even better when you’re communicating headset to headset at 500 ft. between you and your riding partner. You can communicate with one, or even two, other riders easily and effortlessly via this Excelvan headset, and since the headset comes with all the hardware you’ll need to install it easily into your helmet, it’s a definite option for your motorcycle communication needs.

How to take proper care of your motorcycle Bluetooth headset

The best way to take care of your headset is to make sure that it will not be exposed to any harsh weather and you should also clean the unit as often as possible from dust and any dirt that it might collect. Modern gadgets and devices are very easy to maintain. Just make sure that you keep it as clean as possible and you don’t let it get wet.


Finding the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset options is not going to be too difficult thanks to the many sites that offer customer reviews for all the products available. Just make sure that you take the time to look for the best possible available option and this is going to make it very easy for you to get the best results from your purchase.

Always remember that this is a very valuable thing to own because it could easily save your life and keep you from getting into any deadly and expensive accidents that could cause a lot of harm to you and others.

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