Best Motorcycle Boots Reviews

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best motorcycle boots reviewIn motorcycling, wearing protective gear is the most important rule for safety. For every part of our body, there is specific protective clothing to wear. Right now, we will discuss what protective clothing will protect our feet and also improve our driving skills to help us deal with shifting gears on our bike. Obviously, I am talking about Boots or Shoes so let’s talk about the best motorcycle boots.

When choosing motorcycle boots, you have to ask yourself what us the main purpose of the boots. Will it be used strictly for riding or do you need a pair of boots that is multi-functional, which can be used for riding, working, and walking? First determining what purpose your boots shall serve you so that you will get the best boots of choice. Your choice of the best motorcycle boots should have a shifter pad and must have a great grasp on your heels and ankles.

Why do you need Motorcycle Boots?

Boots are protective gear to protect your feet from getting injuries caused by any unexpected incidents or damages from flying objects like rocks. Also,they provide comfort when dealing with any weather conditions. Moreover, they provide flexibility for the ease of movement of our feet, good grip on your bike, and improve driving skills by offering ease of gear shifting. And to top it off, they have unique styles and fashionable designs that will make you look more impressive even though they are designed for safety purposes.

Choose boots that are flexible, give you a great fit, are comfortable, give you protection, are made of high-quality materials and are safety certified. I have listed below the industry rated best motorcycle boots that will suit your needs and I have also included honest reviews about it.

Most Popular Motorcycle Boots Comparison Table

Alpinestars Tech 3 Bootsboot1Contoured shin plate; Reinforced leather plate; Calf plate designed for maximum grip, support and side contact; Shock absorbing ankle padding; Action leather upper; High impact resistant buckles; Unisex Boots can be wear by men or womenColor: Black, White, Black-White, Super White

Ride: Off-road, Street Bike

Sizes: 7-16 USA
Fox Racing Instinct LE Men's Off-Road Bootsboot2Stops motion before hyper extension; Exclusive Fox rubber compound provides unprecedented grip and durability on the sole; Low Ride Chassis; Instinct BuckleColor: Yellow

Ride: Off-road, Street Bike

Sizes: 9-13 USA
Fox Racing Instinct Bootsboot3Improved durability; Custom Fit and Comfortable to wear; Hinge Lockout Stops motion; Duratac burn guard giving grip; Low Ride Chassis; Instinct Buckle Flawless Color: Red, Black, Orange-Black, Red-White, White

Ride: Off-road, Street Bike

Sizes: 9-14 USA
Gaerne SG10 Adult Off-Road Bootsboot4Unisex Boots can be wear by men or women; Made by full-grain leather; Floating "Razorback" with built in ankle alignment system; Dual composite soles for durability; Lightweight alloy adjustable and replaceable buckles; Shock absorbing inner footbed linerColor: Black, White

Ride: Off-road, Street Bike, Sports Bike

Sizes: 7-14 USA
O'neal Element Women's Motocross Bootsboot5Boots for women; Bonded sole; Durable construction; Fully adjustable four buckle closure system; Tough sole with metal shank; Injection molded plastic shin plate and protectionColor: Black, Pink

Ride: Off-road, Street Bike, Sports Bike

Sizes: 5-15 USA
Power Gear Motorsports Racing Bootsboot6Light Weight Durable Fiber Leather Outer Shell; Flexible and Soft, Water-and Stain-resistant; Weather Resistant and Easy Care;0% Breathable Nylon lining & Non-slip Rubber Out sole; Super Strong Velcro & Reflective Back Panel;Color: Black

Ride: Street Bike, Sports Bike

Sizes: 8-11 USA
Vega Sport II Bootsboot7Combo hook/loop-zip closure and a padded interior; Molded durable shift guard; Articulated woven fabric instep provides support and flexibility; High-quality stitched leather uppersColor: Black

Ride: Street Bike, Sports Bike

Sizes: 8-11 USA
Xelement 1442 Classic Harness Biker Bootboot8Made by Full-Grain Leather; Good Year Welt Construction; Long-term durability, resole-able, and better comfort; Oil Tanned Leather Upper; Great classic look of 13 inch harness biker boot; Great foot protection;Color: Black

Ride: Street Bike, Big Bikes

Sizes: 8-14 USA
Motorsports Shorty Racing Bootsboot9Short Boots just like sneakers; Light Weight Durable Fiber Leather Outer Shell; Flexible and Soft, Water-and Stain-resistant; Weather Resistant and Easy Care;Super Strong Velcro & Reflective Back Panel;Color: Black

Ride: Street Bike, Sports Bikes

Sizes: 8-13 USA
O'Neal Shorty Bootsboot10Unisex Motorcycle Boots for women and men; Short Boots just like sneakers; Bonded sole; Durable construction; Fully adjustable two buckle closure system; Injection molded plastic shift plate and ankle protection;Color: Dark Blue

Ride: Street Bike, Sports Bikes

Sizes: 6-13 USA

Our Top Five Best Motorcycle Boots Reviews

1. O’Neal Rider Boots

onealThe O’Neal Rider Boots are a completely new design of Rider boot and it is becoming increasingly popular now with consumers because of its outstanding features. This is one of the best motorcycle boots suited for racing, trails, track, and motocross because of its moderate grip sole. The good thing about this boot is that it comes with traditional welt soles that contain a heavy traction pattern that is great for when you are walking. Furthermore, a heavy-duty Goodyear welt sole is appropriately balanced with no unsteady rocking. These boots have an Air mesh interior, openhanded heel support, and cushioned insole to give comfort. Also, it has a synthetic leather heat shield to avoid heat damage. The boot is made with a four buckle arrangement with easy to operate adjustable snap-locks that provide for a great customizable fit. Also, its buckles and straps are replaceable. It has a rear pull tab for additional leverage. Speaking of protection, it has injection molded plastic plates to give protection from any impact damages and a metal toe guard to guard the sole against delaminating. In addition, it has metal shank insert reinforcers to shape the boot and add support to make it stronger.

Available Sizes from 7 to 15.

Main Features:

  • Injection molded plastic plates protect against impacts
  • Snap-Lock adjustable four buckle closure system
  • Metal toe guard to protect the sole against delaminating
  • Air mesh interior, generous heel support and cushioned insole for extra comfort
  • Synthetic leather heat shield to prevent heat damage

2. Milwaukee Afterburner Motorcycle Boots

afterburnerThe Afterburner Motorcycle Boots include crackle to your motorcycle ride. They have an eye-catching design and convenience that combines to make them pleasurable to wear – ensuring this pair of boots falls on the list of the best motorcycle boots. These boots were designed to be a great looking 8-inch boot with side zippers and adjustable ankle strap. They are made of top quality authentic full-grain leather to provide comfort for long days of wear. The leather holds with a good finish and they are thick, which makes them great for feet protection. You don’t have to fumble with laces because these boots have metal zippers that are stylish, convenient, and comfortable. The double zippers mean they are easy to put on and easy to take it off. Also, the side strap and buckle offer you a safe custom fit. Furthermore, the soles are non-skid, non-marking, and oil resistant. These boots are strong, comfy, and its cushion insole is fully removable. Also, with its freedom flex sole construction, they provide instant comfort to your feet. These boots are surprisingly light, meaning that they wear like sneakers all day.

Available Sizes from 8 to 14.

Men’s Boot measures about 10inch and weighs 48 ounce.

Women’s Boot measures about 9 inch and weighs 40 ounce.

Main Features:

  • Full leather upper
  • Instant comfort provided with freedom flex sole construction
  • Soles are non-skid, non-marking and oil resistant
  • Great looking 8-inch boot with side zippers and adjustable ankle strap
  • Mid sole is crafted to conform to the natural bend and arch of the foot

3. Vega Merge Motorcycle Boots

mergeThe Vega Merge Boots are designed to have advanced fit for both male and female feet. They have designed gender specific soles and with these features no wonder it is one of the best motorcycle boots. Moreover, the sole is well-built rubber that when worn for a long period of time has no issues at all. Wearing these boots feels like you are wearing sneakers because they are flexible allowing you to freely move your feet with an ease of feeling. The look and design are an unlikely casual style which will suit with any motorcycle bike. The boot is made of top quality leather uppers, but it is lightweight.The superior comfort makes these boots one of the best choices for motorcycle riding. The padded tongue, ankle, and collar give your feet extreme comfort and great fit. Furthermore, they have dual security lace and hook/loop closure where the tie laces cannot be broken easily. These customizable features mean that these boots can achieve the perfect fit. But before you wear them, I would suggest that you wear long socks because if they are short, they may annoy you a bit.

Available Sizes from 10 to 13.

Main Features:

  • Superior fit for male and female feet is assured with gender specific sole design
  • Comfort padded tongue, ankle, and collar make this boot a great fit
  • Sturdy rubber sole
  • Dual security lace and hook/loop closure
  • Top quality leather uppers

4. Cortech Latigo Air Street Bike Motorcycle Boots

cortechWhat makes Cortech Latigo one of the best motorcycle boots? And why do they belong on this list? Well, these boots are one of a kind and are one of the great choices for street and trail. These are best for riding so that you can feel the air flow through the perforations because of its Air-Mesh breathable lining and having pre-formed orthopedic vibration absorbing foot bed that makes your feet comfortable for long distance riding. They are also known for being flexible and functional boots. The design is stylish, and speaking of protection,they are incredibly well designed to protect you from impact damages caused by any unwanted event. The front and rear ankles are well padded, vented contour TPU heel protection, they have a molded TPU shin pad with shock absorbing material, and they having shock absorbing latex foam on flex panels that make these boots great for protection. Furthermore, not only do these boots offer protection, but they also include great fit and best comfort in wearing. They have an auto lock zipper covered with an adjustable Velcro flap that is secured after you adjust your boot for fit. In addition to that, it has leather stretch panels that offer you better comfort and durability.

Available Sizes from 7 to 14.

Color available is black and white.

Main Features:

  • Vented Mycro Tech upper
  • Air-Mesh breathable lining
  • Vented contour TPU heel protection
  • Padded front and rear ankle area
  • Molded plastic replaceable toe slider

5. Forma Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots


The Adventure Boots by Forma are an extraordinary set of boots- the unique design, features, and the material make these boots one of the best motorcycle boots around. These boots provide great comfort and are completely flexible around the ankle, which means when you walk around it is easy as if you were wearing sneakers. The outer part of the boots is made of full-grain oil-treated leather. These are great for protection from impact damages caused by an unwanted event because they have a double density compound rubber sole and injection molded plastic padding. Also, they have a special nylon mid sole – PP Mid Dual Flex with anti-shock EVA mid sole to protect your feet from vibration. By the name itself, these boots are great while adventuring because they have Drytex lining, which is waterproof and breathable and is suitable for trailing, motocross, off-road and even on the street. Also, it is one of the best choices to wear in any weather condition. These boots also provide complete fit and they are customizable with an adjustable Velcro closure and adjustable GH plastic buckles. Furthermore, they have extra soft polymer padding with memory foam to make your feet comfortable. Also, it has Anti-Bacterial replaceable foot bed with Air Pump System so your feet will not have bad odor or experience foot rash.

Sizes Available from 38 MEU to 49 M EU.

Color Available are Black and Brown.

Main Features:

  • Outer- Full-grain oil treated leather upper
  • Plastic gear pad protection
  • Inner- Drytex lining (waterproof and breathable)
  • Shin and ankle TPU molded plastic protections
  • Special stiff nylon midsole – PP Mid Dual Flex with anti-shock EVA midsole

How to maintain Motorcycle Boots

  • When leather becomes wet from perspiration, rain, wet grass, or stepping into water deeper than the boot top, it should not be ignored. As soon as possible, the boot should be removed and slowly dried.
  • Force drying, especially with heat, will cause leather to harden and shrink. In a few cycles, the boots are trashed. Follow this guide to properly care for boots and bags that tend to get wet.
  • Immediately remove the boots and wipe them down before starting.

Tips for cleaning your boots

  • Air-dry the items. Drying should be done with little or no heat and enough air circulation to dry them completely from soaked in 2 days. If the boots are only half soaked, it should be fine to dry them in one day. Obviously, someone who soaks a pair everyday must rotate two or three pair of boots. This is critical for your feet as well as for the boot.
  • When done riding, wash all the mud, grime, and road debris from the boots. Often you will need a soft brush to get everything off.


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