Best Motorcycle Half-Helmet Reviews

March 12, 2017
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Best Motorcycle Half-Helmet ReviewsTaking a road trip on your motorcycle could be very exciting. But don’t get intoxicated with the intense feeling of excitement, your safety is always the priority. To ensure your safety while you enjoy that momentous motorcycle riding experience in your life. Comes the invention of different types of motorcycle helmets that will suit your lifestyle preference.

What is Motorcycle Half-Helmet Type?

The motorcycle half-helmet type, also known as the “brain bucket” or “skull caps” are more popular for scooters and motorcycle cruisers. They’re mostly lightweight like you’re not wearing a helmet at all. It provides the wearer a full visibility among the other helmet types.

Through technology innovation, manufacturers had developed a better design to improve the safety aspect of this helmet-type. It provides the least protection, due to its design. But most bikers still prefers the half-helmet type. If you prefer to feel less constrained, but you’re a concern with your head protection. Then, the half-helmet is the best fit for you.

Which makes the Best Motorcycle Half-Helmet?

The choice of helmet type is mostly based on personal preferences. Generally, half-helmets draw attention to most bike riders due to its lighter weight and its “cool” factor. You might be considering, what makes the best half-helmet the best? We suggests you take these points when deciding which is which.

  • It Passed Your States’ Safety Standards – It should be DOT, ECE 22.05 and Snell certified. Yes, anyone wants to look great. But hey! Your safety should always come first. Your style preference then follows. To match your personal style, choose the half-helmet with good color combination.
  • Quick-Release Chin Strap – Keep in mind that the chin strap is the only thing keeping your half-helmet in
    place. That’s how important chin straps for your half-helmet. Though there are a lot of variations available. Choose the chin strap with a quick-release feature that allows you to remove or adjust your helmet easy and convenient.
  • Removable Tinted Sunshields or Visors – As the protection of the half helmet is more focused on the upper half of the head, some models have come up with distinguished features as removable snap-off visors. Designed to protect your eyes from direct light and other harmful environmental agents.
  • Zip-Off Neck Liner – If you prefer some neck coverings, then look for models with a zip-off neck liner. You may attach it to the back of your half-helmet to provide warmth during cold seasons.
  • Removable and Washable Interiors – Prefer the half helmet that features removable and washable interior pads. Aside from that, make sure it also has anti-germ containing fabrics as inner linings. It’s not just for your safety but also for your hygienic needs.

To add-on to the above-mentioned qualities of the best half-helmet. You might also want to consider the models that present a variety of features such as, lightweight outer covering materials, face masks or shields, and comfortable air vent system.

Why need a Motorcycle Half-Helmet?

There’s no point in arguing, why to choose the half helmet when in fact it offers the least protection. So, why you even need to get one? Basically, it’s for protection.

Here at BikeGearUp, we believe that every biker should have the freedom to choose the helmet they prefer to wear. As long as they abide by the law, for which half helmets are not an exclusion. In that case, BikeGearUp is here for business to provide guidelines as you decide which half helmet you’ll wear as you take a ride on your motorcycle.

Our Top Five Best Motorcycle Half-Helmet reviews

1. Bell Rogue Motorcycle Half-Helmet

The Bell Rogue Motorcycle Half-Helmet in solid matte black is DOT certified and is the ultimate helmet for all seasons. Specifically built for your protection against environmental harmful elements and cold weather riding adventures. It gives you the aura of an ultimate bike rider for any type of motorcycle. It has the look of an open-face with the comfort and protection of a 3/4 and full-face helmet type. Adorned with a modern look adjustable face muzzle.

This is the best in line half-helmet featuring a lightweight coverage. Integrated with a removable antimicrobial liner and washable interior. The adjustable face muzzle is using a reliable Fidlock Magnetic Connection to secure placement on your head. It has an outstanding removable breath guards and includes air vents for your comfort. With convenient speaker pockets. It features metal badges and stainless steel D-rings, giving you the “rouge” look. Comes in a five-year company warranty.

Main Features:

  • Lightweight composite shell. 3 shell and EPS sizes for a personalized fit
  • Durable, adjustable Muzzle features removable liner with Fid Lock magnetic connection
  • Removable/washable interior
  • Convenient speaker pockets
  • Stainless steel D-rings and metal badges

2. HJC IS-2 Blossom Motorcycle Half-Helmet

Look ordinary with extraordinary protection. Get hyped as you gear up confidently with the IS-2 Blossom Motorcycle Half-Helmet by HJC – the world renowned helmet manufacturer. It’s DOT certified to guarantee your best protection on your street cruiser motorcycle rides. Comes in elegant black color with highlights of a blossoming flower, as emphasized in the model name. This is the ideal helmet for people who loves to stroll in the streets with their scooter-type bike.

You can count on its state-of- the-art polycarbonate compact covering shell. It’s comfortably lightweight, you won’t even feel wearing it. The design ensures superior fit and comfort using the modern CAD technology. The SilverCool interior – is lined with moisture resistant and odor-free fabric. The fabric interior contains a germ-free agent which is also removable and washable. It provides sun-shield protection to your eyes with its manual retractable smoke-tinted sun visor. This has 3-year company warranty.

Main Features:

  • Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell provides Superior Fit and Comfort
  • Manual Integrated Retractable SunShield [HJ-V4]
  • Simple Manual Operation with a Positive Resistance
  • Double D-ring Chin Strap Retention System
  • Removable and Washable SilverCool Interior – Moisture-Wicking and Odor-Free with Anti-Bacterial Fabric

3. HJC Solid IS-Cruiser Motorcycle Half-Helmet Shell

Are you having a hard time looking for the best half-helmet? Look naturally tough and simple in matte or gloss black. Never compromise your style over safety. Have that aura and grab your very own HJC IS-Cruiser motorcycle half-helmet. Specially designed to fit your simple and adventurous lifestyle. Safety wise – this half-shelled helmet passed the meticulous DOT standards. It’s simple features never trade-off your safety.

Featuring its advanced polycarbonate lightweight compact shell is the best fit in providing you outstanding comfort. It comes in various shell sizes. The bioceramic Nylex interior looks superb, lined with removable and washable anti-bacterial fabric. You can manually pull-down its scratch resistant light-smoked HJ-V4 tinted sun visor. Its sun protection factor is very effective, aside from that the visor works great in deflecting water when encountering rain. Be secured with its adjustable D-Ring Nylon chin strap retention system. It has a 3-year company warranty.

Main Features:

  • Integrated smoked sun shield deploys easily
  • Plush and moisture-wicking Nylex interior
  • Removable and washable anti-bacterial liner
  • Nylon strap D-Ring retention system
  • Lightweight Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell

4. Hanmi Motorcycle Goggles Half-Helmet Vintage Garman Style

Have that “cool” factor while you ride your scooter. Be classical and you will never be out of style. If you want to look fancy and have that vintage mood then choose the Hanmi motorcycle half-helmet. This half-helmet consists of a retro-style goggles and ear muffle. This is a Korean-made product with KPS safety certification, not DOT. The helmet looks irresistibly adorable but can’t be worn for a street ride in a Helmet Law State.

The outer covering of the Hanmi half-helmet is made of brown synthetic leather making it look genuinely retro. Its interior is lined with high-quality fabric. The design is uncommon with a zipper encompassing the rear half of the helmet to keep your neck warm in a cold weather. You may unzip it if you don’t need it. Fits well with an adjustable one-touch buckle chin strap. Revive the retro fashion with the Hanmi novelty half-helmet.

Main Features:

  • It is consisted of goggle + ear muffle + helmet
  • Conveniently detachable 4 season ear muffle
  • Using a convenient chin strap one touch buckle
  • ABS material strong from impact.
  • Manufactured with High grade fabric

5. Raider Deluxe Motorcycle Half-Helmet

Going for a joy ride? Always keep in mind to prioritize your safety. Choose the Raider Deluxe Motorcycle Half-Helmet – best for your scooter. It’s DOT approved, so you can rely on this helmet. Your helmet preference is also an expression of your inner self. So, if you’re the straight-forward type then the Raider Deluxe is your dream helmet. Always choose the best and never the least.

The outer covering shell is made of a strong thermoplastic – for your best impact protection. You will be amazed at the lightness of this helmet once you wear it. It features a removable visor that you can snap off anytime. It has a twin built-in forehead venting system to keep you cool and a zippered neck covering to keep you warm. You can also attach a communication system through the ear covers. For extra grip – it includes a full rubber bead trim.

Main Features:

  • Dual forehead vents that keep you cooler and comes with an optional zippered neck curtain
  • Snap off visor
  • Full rubber bead trim
  • Accept communication system
  • Lightweight thermoplastic shell

Maintenance and Care

You may have spent a lot of time deciding which helmet to choose among the various types to choose from. But the real deal is once you have your preferred helmet. Here comes another concern, and that’s how to maintain and care for your well-thought motorcycle helmet.

Take these few simple tips to keep your helmet the same old brand new.

  • Wear a headscarf underneath your helmet. In some way, this prevents the direct contact of sweat and body oils to your helmet’s absorbent lining.
  • Apply high-quality automotive wax on the outer covering of your helmet. This only applies to glossy type covering. This makes bugs or another debris slide off and easy to remove when cleaning.
  • Always bring a pack of cleaning wipes. Be always prepared to wipe out debris on your helmet covering.
  • Do not scrub out dried-up bugs, instead soak it with a cleaning solution and wipe with a wet towel. Always remember to use mild detergents or soap solutions.
  • Make sure to air dry your helmet at the end of the day. Exposing your helmet to air-out will prevent accumulation of body oils and microbes that will produce foul-smelling inner garments.
  • If you have the removable inner pad type, You can simply clean it up, just by removing the inner liner and wash it with mild detergent. But pay attention to the details as you remove, as some inner linings could be confusing to put back together. Pat it gently and let air dry them.

That’s easy, isn’t it?


In choosing your half-helmet, make sure to balance your budget and your style of preference. Aside from making sure that your helmet passed the safety standards of the law, choose the helmet that you are comfortable to wear. Make sure it perfectly fits you.

The best helmet always has the highest price. But come to think of it, they last longer. To add up, consider the helmet type which is easy to clean and maintain for your convenience. With the great options to choose from, the half-helmet type is best for bikers who doesn’t want to feel constrained in wearing their helmet over their head. Shop with ease at BikeGearUp!

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