Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras Reviews

July 15, 2017
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Best Motorcycle Helmet cameraWe are living in very exciting times thanks to technology, and we are now able to take that technology with us even when we are on the road. Riding a motorcycle is an amazing experience that makes us feel ad adventurous, but there are always dangers on the road that can ruin the fun. Being able to have a camera with you at all times can be an excellent thing to do when you are out on the road. It could help you prove negligent driving and it can be a great way to capture roads for direction purposes.

There are many uses for this kind of camera and even professional motorcycle drivers use them to study the tracks they have to run for any events. In this article, we are going to be talking about the best motorcycle cameras and we will review some of the most viable options for you to consider.

What is the Best Motorcycle Helmet Camera?

There are many important attributes that you need to keep in mind when you are looking for the best possible motorcycle helmet camera. The first thing is that the helmet needs to be able to incorporate the camera in a way that is not restrictive at all. This is going to allow you to stay comfortable.

A good helmet camera is also going to have proper shake resistance in order to provide the best possible image even when the terrain conditions are not smooth. Some shaking is always going to be noticeable, but a good helmet camera is going to be able to maintain as much stability as possible given the conditions.

The amount of battery life is also going to be very important. A quality helmet camera that is charge via USB should be able to run for at least 90 minutes. This is more than enough for most bike rides, but you might need to recharge at some point for a longer ride.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Motorcycle Helmet Camera

There are many advantages to having a motorcycle helmet camera. You can record any kind of incident that takes place while you are on the road and this is going to make it easier for you to have the upper hand when any kind of legal situation arises. This camera can also be used for terrain recognition and for competitions. Another plus is that you could end up recording interesting situations on the road too.

The only disadvantage that we have seen is that many people forget to turn the camera on and they often ride with it without recording anything. The little battery power is definitely an issue or long trips, but most cameras can last at least 90 minutes and that is plenty of time for a regular bike ride.

The Top 5 Best Motorcycle Helmet Camera reviews


1. The Aokon action camera SJ7000

Aokon action camera SJ7000Aokon has become a favorite for many individuals who are looking to get the best results and the most reliable helmet camera for their motorcycle. They have created a good number of options at different price ranges and the SJ7000 is without a doubt one of the most attractive options due to the low cost and the high level of response and quality that it offers. This is one of those cameras that really makes the process of having a helmet camera extremely easy to handle. It records at 1080p in full HD quality.

Main Features:

  • Wifi Connect
  • Waterproof
  • Battery Capacity: 3.7V 900mAh
  • Storage: Micro SD (Support maximum capacity 32GB, minimum rating of Class 6,not included)
  • Recording Time: 1080P / About 70 minutes

2. The ODRVM WIFI Underwater Sports 12MP

ODRVM WIFI Underwater Sports 12MPIf you are looking to get quality with an amazing assortment of little gadgets that you can use for the best results, you will have to look no further than the ODRVM. This is the kind of camera that is going to make you feel like you have a solid and highly efficient camera that is going to make the process of recording your motorcycle rides easy. It’s waterproof, and it provides 1080p footage in full HD at an impressive 60fps.

Main Features:

  • Wifi Connect
  • Waterproof
  • Lens: 170 degrees HD wide-angle lens
  • Storage: Micro SD (TF Card)
  • Recording Time: 1080P / About 70 minutes

3. The PowerLead Caue PC6

PowerLead Caue PC6This is yet another impressive helmet video camera that provides incredible stability and 1080p HD footage. It’s also waterproof for any rainy days while riding your bike and it gives you a very powerful image that is going to make you smile when you remember how little it cost to get it. This is the kind of camera that will provide footage that is perfect for any use and motorcycle riders have recommended its use due to how clear and steady the footage is even in difficult conditions.

Main Features:

  • Wifi Connect
  • Waterproof
  • Lens: 120 degree wide angle lens
  • Storage: Memory Card TF Card up to 32GB (Card Not included)
  • Record Format Ambarella 1920*1080P/30fps H.264 AVI

4. The Sena 10C-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Camera and Communication system

Sena 10C-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Camera and Communication systemNothing beats the power of a multi-purpose camera that allows the users to get the right kind of results without any issues. This camera shoots at full HD 1080p with incredible image quality and a very solid and balanced result that is going to provide footage that serves a proof for any events that take place on the road. This is also a long lasting and solid product that is ideal for long trips of approximately 90 minutes. That is long enough to make sure that you can film most of your trips without having to recharge the battery.

Main Features:

  • Bluetooth 4.0 Communication Technology
  • Water resistant for use in inclement weather
  • Built-in FM radio tuner
  • Headset Combination
  • Intuitive with voice prompts

5. The Iconntechs IT 4K ultra action camera

Iconntechs IT 4K ultra action cameraYes, this slick little camera comes with 4K HD quality that provides a smooth 1080p full HD and 60fps experience that makes it one of the most incredible cameras for the price range. This camera has one of the best chipsets available at the range. The chip is called Novatek NT96660 and it has proven to be excellent in providing the highest quality resolution. This is definitely a camera that anyone should consider to be a great investment. The 4K quality is definitely a plus.

Main Features:

  • Wi-fi and HDMI connectivit
  • Waterproof
  • Battery Specs: 3.7V 1050mAh li-ion battery. Working time: About 80min at 1080P/30fps
  • Up to 128GB SD storage
  • 70-170 degree Wide Angle Lens

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of camera models available for people who are looking for great results, but the best motorcycle helmet camera can definitely be found in the lost above. Just remember to be safe out there and enjoy your time on the road with a quality camera recording your travels.

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