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June 17, 2017
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There are all kinds of motorcycle speakers available, but the truth is that very few speakers for bikes can be strong enough to maintain a good sound even when motorcycle is running. In this article, we are going to focus in the most efficient motorcycle speakers that we can find and we are going to ensure that you can get the best possible results.

Keep in mind that there are many factors to consider when you use speakers on your bike, but one of the most important things to remember is that the power of the speakers is going to be tested when the bike is on the move. Most speakers will be perfect when your bike is not running because there is no other sound getting in the way, but when a bike is running and the wind is blowing at high speeds; that is the moment when you get to test the true power of speakers.

Tips on choosing the Best Motorcycle Speakers

The amount of power in watts and built in terms of waterproofing is going to be very important. You can’t purchase a set of speakers that is not going to have the required protection in order to be able to handle the weather efficiently. You would end up with a pair of ruined speakers after a single trip in difficult weather conditions and even if there is no rain, cold weather can easily create frost around the speakers and this turns into water that will ruin the speakers completely.

The best way to choose the right kind of speakers is to make sure that you can find out as much as you can about the manufacturers of the speakers that you are planning to purchase. Learn about the quality of products that they release on the market, not just the one you plan to buy, but the general customer feedback on their line of products. This is going to allow you to make an informed decision when you finally purchase your product.

Our Top Four Best Motorcycle Speakers Reviews

The following are some of the best motorcycle speakers that we managed to find. These are going to be extremely durable and useful and they will provide the kind of results that you are expecting from motorcycle speakers.

We have researched a large number of different products and we have been able to come up with this selection that is going to be very useful for your needs. Just make sure that your bike and your weather conditions match the right product and you will get the results you want while you are on the road.


1. The BOSS Audio MC420B

These are Chrome 3” built speakers with a truly durable and strong build that is going to help you get the kind of results that you want. They come with a maximum amplification of 600 watts and they have a wired remote control for the volume. This is ideal for anyone who is driving their motorcycle and does not want to be distracted from the road. They have a frequency response of 80Hz to 15KHz and they are perfect for scooters, ATV’s and 12V bikes.

Main Features:

  • Bluetooth Audio Streaming
  • Weatherproof Speakers
  • Two Speaker Handle Bar Mounts
  • Amplifier
  • Mounting Hardware

2. The BOSS Audio MC470B

This is a more powerful version of the speaker at 1000 watts of power. It comes with Bluetooth streaming, two pairs of speakers (4 total) at 3 inches each and they are also waterproof and meant to be able to handle the most difficult conditions. Mounting brackets are also included in this particular system and they are ideal for 12V motorcycles.

Main Features:

  • Wired Remote Volume Control
  • 3.5mm Aux Input for Smartphones and MP3 Players
  • Four Speaker Handle Bar Mounts
  • Amplifier
  • Mounting Hardware

3. The BOSS Audio MC470B

These are another alternative that seems to be ideal for people who want to have a good sound, with a system that is both simple and easy to implement. Two lightweight polypropylene woofer cone shaped speakers at 400 watts each are more than enough to provide the kind of power source that you need if you want to ride your bike with some good music playing along the way.

Main Features:

  • Weather Proof
  • Voice Coil – Aluminum made material
  • Surround – Butyl Rubber
  • Cone – Poly Injection
  • Midrange & Tweeter – Mylar

4. The SHKC7120 2CH

This is a very complete system that comes with two 800-watt speakers for a very powerful and high quality build. They have wired and wireless remote features for the volume and they also come with brackets. This is becoming one of the favorite choices for a large number of people because of how easily you can mount them on your bike to get a great sound. They are also waterproof and they can handle all kinds of weather conditions.

Main Features:

  • Built-in Bluetooth and FM Radio
  • USB, SD and 3.5 AUX audio input
  • Includes Wired and Wireless Remote
  • USB & SD slot audio input 3.5mm AUX input
  • High quality big size LCD Screen display

Final thoughts

The kind of speakers that you decide to choose are going to have a very serious effect on the kind of results that you get. If you look for bad quality speakers, you will get a very low sound and the quality of that sound is going to be terrible. They will also be ruined under the mildest weather conditions and you will end up having to purchase a new set sooner than later.

Every single speaker that we have mentioned in our reviews is proven to be of great quality and an optimal investment depending on your needs. This guide is ideal if you can’t spend any time researching this kind of information. You are going to have to make sure that you can purchase he best possible speaker and this guide provide only the best quality available, so you only have to choose the one that fits your needs the most.

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