The Best Women’s Motorcycle Jacket Review

January 14, 2017
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Here is no question that the motorcycle culture is very much alive and t has been resurfacing as a strong trend in the last few years. Many women are now jumping into this particular transportation method and it has become quite common to see a large number of women who are now trading their cars for motorcycles or simply deciding to purchase a motorcycle from the start.

In this article, we are going to be reviewing Motorcycle Jackets. They are the most popular motorcycle clothing item that thousands of women all over the world are wearing and we will discuss why it’s important for any woman who owns a motorcycle to have one.

Why women must wear a Motorcycle Jacket?

At first glance, it would seem like a motorcycle jacket is something that is simply worn because it helps you stand out as someone rebellious that enjoys the motorcycle culture to the fullest, but this is just the appearance and there is much more to it.

Here are some of the most important reasons why a woman should wear a motorcycle jacket:

  • They are comfortable
    • The motorcycle jacket is a very comfortable clothing item that allows you to have freedom when riding your bike and you are not going to feel restricted by it at all. You can use the jacket for a quick ride around town or for a long journey and it will always feel comfortable on your and this makes it very appealing.
  • They provide protection
    • Even when a good motorcycle rider is very unlike to get in an accident, there is always the chance that this could happen and the best thing to do is to be protected with a strong leather jacket that will protect you from abrasions, cuts, burns and scratches if you happen to have a mild accident.
    • The other important factor to consider about most motorcycle jackets is that they usually come with extra padding in the elbow and shoulder areas for that extra layer of protection. Women motorcycle jacket sales have skyrocketed because of this.
    • There are also some jackets that come with reflective features for riders who are out at night and need to remain as visible as possible.
  • They protect against the elements
    • The last thing you want when riding your bike is to have high temperatures and have to deal with a scorching sun. There are also many hazards on the road while you are riding your bike and gravel, bugs and dirt can hit your body at high speeds. The motorcycle jacket is going to help protect you from that. It will also serve as perfect protection in case you are out in the rain and you have no place nearby to wait for it to stop.

Top Ten Best Women’s Motorcycle Jacket Comparison Table

Alpinestars Vika
  • Brand: Alpinestars
  • Buttery-soft full-grain leather
  • Body-contouring and Ultra-comfortable protective jacket
  • Proprietary design pattern visually thins, lengthens and flatters the female figure
  • Removable CE-certified heat-sensitive and impact-resistant shoulder and elbow protection
Joe Rocket Trixie
  • Brand: Joe Rocket
  • 1.2mm premium natural cowhide leather
  • Variable Flow ventilation at the biceps with underarm grommets for additional venting
  • 4 point Sure Fit waist adjustment
  • Ample reflective striping
Womens Premium Braided Motorcycle Leather Jacket
  • Brand: True Element
  • Premium grade, durable 1.0-1.2 mm thick pebble grain cow leather
  • High performance, full sleeve, removable thermal insulation liner
  • Stylish braiding and rivet details with cinched waist
  • Heavy branded zippers
Joe Rocket Cleo 2.2 Women's Mesh Motorcycle Riding Jacket
  • Brand: Joe Rocket
  • FreeAir mesh torso and back with textile reinforced shoulders and arms
  • C.E. approved armor at the shoulders and elbows
  • Removable waterproof liner
  • 9-point SureFit custom adjustment system and Reflective stripe
BILT Women's Techno Mesh
  • Brand: BILT
  • Ultra-flow Techno mesh body material with 600 denier reinforced panels
  • Tab adjustment sleeve system
  • Velcro adjustment hip tabs
  • Touring collar with neoprene padding
BILT Women's Tempest Waterproof Textile
  • Brand: BILT
  • 600 denier durable side stretch panels for a variable fit
  • 100% waterproof lining
  • Flash reflective material on chest and upper back
  • CE Approved armor at shoulders and elbows
VikingCycle Cruise
  • Brand: VikingCycle
  • Made of soft, durable, & premium quality cowhide leather
  • Braided design on front seams
  • Dual-zippered pockets on the outside
  • Durable zippers
Milwaukee Women's Full Length Motorcycle Jacket
  • Brand: Milwaukee
  • Premium Milled Cowhide 1.2-1.3 mm with Full Sleeve Zip-Out Thermal Liner
  • Half Belt for easy Adjustment
  • Two Lower Zippered Pockets
  • Built in Dual Side Concealment Weapon and Ammo Pocket
Pokerun Marilyn
  • Brand: Pokerun
  • 1.1-1.3mm drum-dyed cowhide leather
  • Phoslite reflective piping for increased nighttime visibility
  • Ram Air sleeve and back vents for maximum air flow
  • Action back stretch panels for added mobility in riding position
Olympia Moto Sports Switchback 2 Mesh Tech
  • Brand: Olympia Moto Sports
  • Outer shell constructed in 500 denier Cordura fabric with ballistic airflow mesh panels
  • Waterproof/breathable liner jacket
  • CE approved Motion Flex armor at elbows
  • Custom Fit detailing at collar, cuffs, elbows, and waist

Our Top Three Best Women’s Motorcycle Jacket reviews

1. Alpinestars Vika

This is a very comfortable and extremely protective jacket that fits and flatters the female shape perfectly. The design is quite unique and it has an extended lower back in order to allow extra comfort and coverage as you ride your bike. Definitely a very good purchase that offers durability, comfort and style for a very low cost.

One of the things that most women seem to find ideal about this particular jacket is that it offers completely hidden embedded safety inside of the top quality leather. It’s also quite elegant and that makes it even more appealing for women who don’t want to sacrifice their fashion and style when they look for protective motorcycle clothing.

If you are considering the investment of a motorcycle jacket, you are going to find this to be the perfect choice for your needs. You will find that it offers a very good fit and top value for the price.

2. Joe Rocket Trixie Leather Jacket

There has always been a perfect blend between fashion and motorcycle riding that is very appealing to men and women. This leather street motorcycle jacket is one of the most appealing clothing items being sold to females who enjoy riding their motorcycle for both short and long trips and want to have the most comfortable experience while they ride.

The jacket has a very cool Joe Rocket Trixie Leather style that is quite cool and has a vintage vibe to it. There is protective padding inside the jacket in order to avoid ruining the style by having the padding outside and the jacket manages to accentuate the female figure while also maintaining the flexibility and freedom of movement.

This is an excellent investment to consider purchasing for both protection and fashion. Women who ride motorcycles love the Joe Rocket Trixie for providing a well-rounded jacket.

3. True Element Premium Braided Leather

There are some motorcycle jackets that truly stand out from the rest and they do so in every possible way. Some are great looking and too expensive, others are not so nice and they are cheap or they don’t last long enough. It can be difficult to find one that provides the perfect balance of looks, durability, comfort and affordability, but the True Element Women’s Premium Braided Motorcycle Leather Jacket does this with flying colors.

This is a jacket that makes a female motorcycle rider look like a stylish baroness and that is one of the reasons why this particular jacket is flying off the shelves. Another reason is the incredibly low cost for the top quality premium grade pebble grain cow leather that was used to create it.

Make sure that you give proper maintenance to your leather jacket by cleaning it with a clean soft towel and warm water with soap. Don’t use to much soap and just use a little water on the towel. Then once you have cleaned the whole jacket, do the same process again with no soap and just water. The last thing is to use a dry towel and let it dry.


When you are looking for the best motorcycle jacket for women, you need to make sure that you search for the kind of jacket that is ideal in every possible way and that is exactly what the jackets that we have reviewed in this article have to offer.

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