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December 6, 2015
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best motorcycle helmet visorsWhen you owns a motorcycle helmet sometimes we want it to customized the looks and sometimes we want to add more feature. Most helmets have built-in transparent visor but some riders wants to have some shades or colors. The Motorcycle Helmet Visors or “Aftermarket Visors” provides the colors and the shading of what riders wants or needs on his motorcycle riding. Basically, there are lots of types and colors to choose with, but make sure the one you will choose is compatible to your helmet. Most of it are specific and fits only by the helmet’s brand and by the helmet’s model.

What is a Motorcycle Helmet Visor?

It is also spelled as “vizor”. It is a part of the helmet that protects the eyes or visions of the rider by shading from the sun or other bright lights, or protection for objects like road dust, rain drops, etc. Today, most visors were made by polycarbonate material to make it stronger and provides great vision to the eyes.

Most Popular Aftermarket Visor Comparison Table

WOW Helmet Full Face Modular Helmet Visor Shieldvidor-feat2HJM, HJD, A110, A111Clear, Smoked, Tinted4.4
HJC HELMET SHIELD - HJ-09visor2AC-12, CL-SP, CL-15, CL-16, CS-R1, FS-10, and FS-15 as well as all Joe Rocket Helmets.Amber, Smoke, Dark Smoke, Clear, Blue, Gold, Pink, Green, Sliver, Hi-Dev4.6
HJC Replacement Faceshieldvisor3CL-15, CL-SP, CS-R1, CS-R2 FS-15, CL-16, AC-12, Kawasaki ZX, Kawasaki ZXSP, IS-16 and Joe RKT101 and RKT201Amber, Clear, Blue, Gold, Silver, Smoke4.5
Arai Helmets Faceshield 1502 010988visor4Astral, Astral-X, Profile, Quantum-2, Quantum/e, Quantum/f, Quantum/s, RX7 Corsair, RX7-RR3 and Vector helmet.Dark Smoke4.4
Arai Standard Faceshield - Coated Mirrorvisor5Astral, Astral-X, Profile, RX-7 and Quantum 2 helmetsClear, Blue, Gold, Silver, Smoke, Yellow4.5
Shark Aftermarket Face Shield Visorvisor6Shark RSR2 RSR RSX RS2Clear, Blue, Smoke, Gold, Silver, Iridium 4.6
Shoei X12 Iridium Visor Shieldvisor7X-12, RF-1100, XR-1100, X-SPIRIT II, TZ-X, CW-1, QWESTIridium 4.5
Shoei X12 Blue Iridium Visor Face Shieldvisor9X-12, RF-1100, XR-1100, X-SPIRIT II, CW-1, TZ-X, QWESTBlue Iridium4.6
Shark Dark Smoke Tint Visor Shieldvisor10RSR, RSR2, RSX, RS2, VZ32Dark Smoke4.6

The Bikegearup’s Motorcycle Helmet Visors Review:

Below I have categorized the visors by its helmet brand and models that specifies for fitting your helmet. I have listed each items with its reviews and user experience about its design, performance, colors, shading and styles. With these information, it can help you to choose of the best that will suits your needs to your riding.

The CW1 Aftermarket Visors for Shoei Helmets were made from top quality shatter resistant and scratch resistant polycarbonate material that equivalent to CW-1. The all-new CW-1 shield is both taller and wider compare to the replaced CX-IV. Furthermore, the CW-1 shield provide riders the protection from the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays from 99%, and the three-dimensional injection-molding process ensures distortion free vision.

These motorcycle helmet visors are designed to be perfectly fit for Shoei helmets model of X-12, XR-1100, RF-1100, RF-1200, and Qwest. Moreover, it gives great clarity of vision, no distortion and helped block out some of the brightness from the sun which is best suit during day riding. The shade conceals all over to your face through the brightest of direct sunlight and it is friendly to your eyes. The visor creates a perfect seal to be completely fit with the helmet. The installation of these visor to your helmet is uncomplicated that you can do within minutes.

  • Brand: ozg-motors
  • Helmet Brand: Shoei
  • Helmet Model Fit : X-12, XR1100, RF1100, RF-1200, Qwest
  • Color and Style Available : Iridium, Chrome, Gold, Smoke, Blue
Visor Performance/Review
Iridium CW1
Iridium CW1
The look is more artistic in the outside looking appearance when it is attached in the helmet. It is a eye catching in the street because of its color appearance.

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Chrome CW1chrome cw1 It is the most popular in the street, most riders used it in their Shoei Helmet. Well, it makes you look great and suits the helmet of your choice. You will feel like one of the action heroes in the movies.

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Gold CW1gold cw1 Also popular in the street because of its appearance and eye catching in the street because of its color combination.

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Smoke CW1smoke cw1 A bad-ass looking dark appearance. You will be look like a special force agent of Marvels when it is attached in you helmet.

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Blue CW1blue cw1 A cold but cooler looking appearance when it is attached in your helmet.

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The CNSv-1 Aftermarket Lens Face Shield is created to fit GT-Air and Neotec Helmet. The PGR company spends time on engineering to make sure that the visor will perfectly fit without flaw. If there are any reasons that the PGR’s visor is not the best, you can feel free to return it for refund. The CW-1 is replaced by CNSv-1 visor are both wider and taller. Furthermore, the CNS-1 shield gives riders the 99% protection from the suns damaging UVA and UVB rays, and the three-dimensional injection-molding process ensures distortion free vision. The best thing in these visor is its Scratch Resistance feature to deal with any hard object contact.

These motorcycle helmet visors are purposely designed to be perfectly suited for Shoei helmets model of Neotec and GT-Air types. Moreover, it offers great clear vision, distortion free, eye friendly, and provides protection from blocking brightness of sunlight which is great in riding during day time. Also, it provides perfect fit to your helmet and for sealing you can adjust the screw sides of your helmet and use silicone oil for good result. It is easy and friendly to install that you will be finished in minutes.

  • Brand: PGR
  • Helmet Brand: Shoei
  • Helmet Model Fit : Neotec, GT-Air
  • Color and Style Available : Gold, Silver, Blue, Clear, Dark Smoke, Iridium, Light Smoke
Visor Performance/Review
CNS-1 Goldgold cns1 The gold is an awesome mirrored finish and the looking appearance is great. Its color is popular to be attached on the helmet of your choice.

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CNS-1 Silversilver cns1

The silver provides a neatly clean look that suits in any color of GT-Air and Neotec helmets.

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