Shoei Gt-Air Journey Review

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It is a high-end motorcycle helmets in the market and it designed with excellent lightweight material which provides comfortable fit. The helmet is fully designed for high speeding rides and it can deals in any weather condition that lies ahead during motorcycling. It has a sun shield that deals on sunlight and it has a anti-fog system that deals with fogging. The helmet has aerodynamics system which deals with wind and road noises.

ModelGt-Air Journey
TypeFull Face
Product Dimensions14.5 x 11 x 11.5 inches
SafetyDOT Certified
Weight5.8 pounds
SizesS, M, L, XL, XXL
ColorBlack/Red, Black/Grey, White/Blue/Red

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Pros: The GT-Air Journey interface design look is awesome, it has combination of colors that make it look cooler. It is quite, it reduces road noises without sacrificing airflow quality. The helmet provides great comfort and fit. It has internal sun shield that gives protection from UV rays.

Cons: The helmet cheekpads is sit far to high on the rider’s head and make sometime the use eye glasses impractical.

Performance and Features

The Shoei GT-Air Journey Helmet is featured with internal sun shield with distortion-free shield that blocks 99% of harmful UV rays from the sun. The GT-Air’s shell is built with high quality materials that makes it stronger to provide great head protection and safety, the helmet is approved and certified by DOT. The helmet has aerodynamic design that improves ventilation while staying comfortable at buffeting speeds, and also to reduced wind and road noise.

Below are the known features of the GT-Air Journey Helmet:

  • The helmet has Multi-Piece EPS liner that enhances the impact absorption while not impeding ventilation. The three shell and four EPS liner sizes provide the increased fit options that help to fit comfortably most head sizes.
  • The shell construction of the helmet uses high quality performance of fiberglass and organic fibers for resilience and rigidity that makes it lightweight but stronger.
  • Sun Shield Visor System meets ANSI Z80.3-2010 standard for non-prescription eyeglasses.
  • A large and easy switch to activates the 3D injection-molded inner sun shield in one quick motion. The inner sun shield provides great protection form UV rays.
  • The forehead area of the outer shell is raised slightly to accommodate the internal sun shield, while keeping the integrity of the helmets inner EPS liner intact.
  • It has three intake and three exhaust vents in dealing airflow. Also, a wind tunnel optimized to maximize airflow and improve negative air pressure exhaust suction.
  • The helmet includes breath guard and chin curtain.
  • The Interior System uses 3D Max-Dry center pad and multi-layered, polyurethane foam cheek pads. Also, the interior is fully removable and washable.

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The Shoei GT-Air Journey Helmet is one of the best motorcycle helmet today’s generation and one of the best highend helmet in the market. The helmet meets the standard with wind tunnel aerodynamics, it assures to deal with ventilation and outside noises. Aside from it awesome features, the look of the helmet is awesome it provides the rider with cooler look. Also, speaking of safety, the GT-Air Journey is a Full-Face helmet type that provide high percentage of safety and it is built by Shoei Industry known for building helmet using high quality materials, and it is approved and certified by DOT. In addition, the helmet’s features are the needs of the rider. A face shield that provides great vision, a sun shield that provides UV rays protection, a fogging resistant, a washable/removable interior that provides comfort and it can deal with any head sizes to fit. This helmet is the best choice for you and it is known as a life saver helmet.

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