Three Defensive Riding tips to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

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The conveniences of the motorcycle such as its great maneuverability and immense acceleration have a flip side. Motorcycle’s high maneuverability is the result of having two wheels may unstable compared to cars. Road hump, debris and road surface issue that cars can handle with ease but these can knock a rider off his bike. Motorcycle have a small mass compared to its engine power, with it’s high acceleration means that it’s at a higher risk of getting in an accident because its size that makes it less noticeable than a car. Its small size also means that accidents with cars, trucks and other vehicles tend to have very severe consequences.

Because motorcycles don’t have the protection systems of cars, riders must take care of by riding more defensively than when driving a car. Here are three defensive riding tips for avoiding motorcycle accidents.


1. Be Especially Alert at Intersections

Most of motorcycle accidents happened at intersections. They are some instances where cars are trying to beat traffic signals and each other to get through. In these road circumstances with your small size which means you must assume that other vehicles won’t see you.

When taking a left turn in front of a car, do it with plenty of distance so you can get through even if they doesn’t noticed you. You can also read the intentions of other motorists by looking at their faces and their vehicle front wheels.  Their positioning and the angle of their front wheels also indicate their intentions to either turn or drive straight through.


2. Be Visible

Although black is a classic and good looking color in motorcycling but it is the least visible in all lighting conditions. Motorcycle clothing and helmets that are covered with bright vibrant colors and reflective strip features have the highest visibility. Light colors like Lime-green is also a great choice. Reflective strips will help you to be visible during night riding. Remember to keep your headlights on during the day and night.


3. Be Aware of the Blind Spots of Cars and Trucks

With your small size means you are more unnoticeable within blind spots. If you can’t see the face of a motorist in his window means he can’t see you. You must minimize your time in blind spots and be aware for unpredictable movements. Be attentive that a car’s front pillars on either side of its windshield can also leads a blind spot if it’s in the driver’s line of sight of their view of you.



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