The Ultimate Guide To Motorcycle Safety

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As any rider will tell you, motorcycles most certainly have their benefits both practically and aesthetically! However, motorcyclists are also among the most vulnerable users on the road. If you have an accident on your bike, apart from some solid gear, you have very little protection. Did you know nearly half of all motorcycle deaths are the result of single-vehicle crashes?

The statistics are even higher for older riders. Studies have indicated that motorcycle riders over the age of 60 are three times more likely to be hospitalized after a crash than younger rider. This therefore makes wearing the correct gear extremely essential. When it comes to the most important piece of equipment, nothing is more vital than your helmet which should offer sufficient protection as well as comfort.

The infographic below from Hussey Fraser Solicitors is an essential safety guide for motorcycle riders and enthusiasts alike. It reveals how wearing the correct gear can considerably diminish the risk of serious injury or death as well as providing us with a detailed description of what constitutes a safe helmet.

There is also some immensely significant tips for safely operating a motorbike, which if followed will make you far less likely to pose a safety risk to yourself and to other road users! Motorcycle lovers also have a duty of care to be particularly careful when on the road.

Although lots of the same safety rules apply to riders as to car drivers, (for example not operating the vehicle with alcohol in your system and obeying to the speed limit) many rules differ.

For instance, on a motorcycle, you need to be extra observant of other drivers’ blind spots, particularly for larger vehicles. Hand signals are also critical in order to alert other motorists of your anticipated actions.


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